Home International World’s first cruise ship with a COVID-19 testing lab.

World’s first cruise ship with a COVID-19 testing lab.

World’s first cruise ship with a COVID-19 testing lab.

Viking is bringing their wildly successful river cruise experience to the ocean with the Viking Star, their first ocean ship. The ship takes many cues from the river ships, including the intimacy of sailing with fewer passengers.


  • Viking Star will have just 465 staterooms and maintain an exclusive feel.
  • The ship will also feature a few public rooms that bring passengers together to create conversation, like the snow room in the spa and the cantilevered pool at the ship’s aft.
  • The most important thing Viking made sure to bring to this ship is the sense of destination-based enrichment.
  • Just as on their river ships, this ship will feature meals from the surrounding regions and have programs and speakers that will delight passengers on the cultures and heritages of their travel destinations.

COVID-19 testing lab

The on-board laboratory on the Viking Star cruise liner will be able to efficiently process daily tests for all the 930 passengers and crew members regularly. And the cruise liner plans to showcase the efficiency of the same when the Viking Star arrives in Oslo, Norway in mid-December. Set to launch on December 2021, the cruise plans journey for 136 days straight with stops at 56 ports in 27 countries. The lab that may be a game-changer in reviving cruises, is not even hard to use. The PCR testing facility only needs a swab sample and can detect antigens that prove if the person is COVID-free.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) removed its No-Sail Order for cruises US domain, the announcement comes at a perfect time. Cruise Lines International Association’s members have joined hands to create a new set of regulations and rules for a smooth journey across the sea, even during these pandemic times. Proving yourself to be coronavirus free is, of course, the most vital rule to experience oceanic travels.

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  • Viking Star WintergardenFind your serenity in the Wintergarden. This one-of-a-kind venue offers Viking Star cruisers a space to sip on a delicious tea, snack on some classic tea snacks – like finger sandwiches and pastries – and listen to the soothing sounds of a live harpist. This cozy space on board is like an avant-garde forest; the beech millwork columns resemble trees where the branches reach to the ceiling and its enormous skylight.

Explorers’ Lounge

Viking Star Explorers' Lounge
  • Viking Oceans has created the perfect space to share the joys of cruising in the Explorers’ Lounge. This comfortable space is designed to accommodate conversation, so you can share your favorite aspect of your last port or what you’re most looking forward to seeing the next day. The lounge is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows so it’s also a great vantage spot for spotting the next port, or some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Europe.

Snow Grotto

Viking Star Spa with Snow Grotto
  • There is something so magical in the concept of a snowflake where no two flakes are identical. Experience a spa experience unlike any other at the ship’s snow grotto. This is a lounge where snowflakes fall gracefully from the ceiling. This kind of cold therapy is used to stimulate the circulatory system.

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