Ultimate Guide For a Road Trip From India to Thailand

Thailand has always been a magnet for tourists from India. The magnificent blue waters and beaches, eclectic nightlife, satiating spicy food, proximity and the economical prices make it a hotbed for Indian tourist holidays. You can plan your next enthralling journey from India to Thailand via Myanmar further till Singapore.

The Route:

Delhi – Imphal – Moreh – Kale – Bagan – Inle Lake – Yangon – Maesot – Tak – Bangkok

Cross country ride is growing now, riders are taking one step ahead of exploring not just India but around the world on their mettle pedals. The cross country ride will definitely not be an easy way to pass every lane of your journey, in fact, it does not even sound easy. But you get to collect crazy tales from this road adventure and those memories you will cherish forever. The rich culture that you will breeze from India to Thailand via Myanmar and different places, cities that you will cover on road is sure to give you some excellent life-changing experiences.

Essentials Before The Trip

  • A visa applied much ahead in time before you proceed. It is imperative to carry the form and produce when required.
  • A valid passport. Expired ones will not be entertained. So check before you plan.
  • A maximum 3-month latest photograph of dimensions 35mm x 45mm. Keep a few handy just in case.
  • Carry a credit card statement with a valid seal from the bank along with a photocopy of your credit card.
  • A valid driver’s license is essential.
  • Minimum INR 20,000 per person.
  • Originals of a currency exchange slip (in the form of USD 500 per person per week).
  • Don’t forget the safety kit, water hoards and finger snacks that you will be munching on along the way. If you have these, you are set to proceed.
  • Where the highway begins: Known as the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway, this road trip will begin from Moreh in Manipur, India.
  • Distance from India to Thailand By Road:  Approximately 4,305KM
  • Where the highway ends: Mae Sot, Thailand
  • Best season to travel: November-February

Safety measures to consider while driving down

  1. Cash: Ensure you have enough loose cash with you on your road trip, whether it is Myanmar Kyat, USD, Thai Baht or the Indian Rupee.
  2. Phone numbers: Write down phone numbers from your cell phone in case of battery dying out unexpectedly or no network. There will definitely be payphones that you can use in a nearby town and all you need to do is ask for help. The locals are friendly and most of them speak English.
  3. Route Map: Make sure you also have a route map which has highlighted the different places you can stop by for a day or two before you continue the journey ahead.
  4. Alert Authorities: Ensure that you alert Myanmar authorities a month in advance before your trip begins.
  5. Contact info: Make sure you have the phone numbers of travel authorities or travel agencies ready, in case you need to make a few calls in need of help.
  6. Minimum 4 people: While driving down to Myanmar from India via the Super highway, make sure you are travelling in a group of minimum four people, as this is the law in the country.
  7. Photocopies:It would be wise to keep a photocopy of your passport, your driver’s license, your credit card or PAN card to show officials at any check post.
  8. Political Situation: Make sure that you are aware of the political situation of Myanmar before you plan your trip there. The situation is pretty stable right now, but there are riots or strikes that take place pretty often and due to this, there will be heavy security in these places at those times.
  9. Safety in numbers: Do not frequent around in places that are deserted or seem a tad isolated for a tourist place. Stick to groups as much as possible.
  10. Food and Water: Keep yourself hydrated at all times and stock up well on road snacks or food staples.

Highway is a blessing for Indian travellers

Indians prefer travelling in style on a budget, or rather the most feasible ways possible. Opening the Asian Superhighway to travellers will promote young bikers and provide that extra nerve of adventure to fill their tanks and bags and head out! No more expensive air fare and the wide stretch of clear, non-potholed roads are nothing short of a dream come true for most of the on-road travel junkies. The scenic beauty of Myanmar and Thailand is worth taking in and this can be best experienced when you hit the road. The Indian government has tactfully done their homework and realized that opening this highway and constructing a trilateral roadway is the best manner in which India can enhance trade and business prospects between the different countries. It is only a matter of time before we see a boost in tourism and economy for all these countries.



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