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The Garden of Five Senses: Delhi

The Garden of Five Senses: Delhi

The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi is a paradise for nature lovers, away from the city centre. It is an amalgamation of natural beauty and man-made art. It is a park sprawling over 20 acres; built partly on rocky terrain and partly on a plain area. This spectacular park has trees, flowery bushes and other plants. And you’ll also come across water fountains and pools. Different artworks and sculptures too, are found in the Garden of Five Senses Delhi.

The Garden was inaugurated in February 2003. Majestic rocks stand silhouetted against the sky, others lie strewn upon the ground in a casual yet alluring display of nature’s sculptural genius. It was the ideal ground on which to realize the concept of a public leisure space that would awaken a sensory response and thereby a sensitivity to the environment.

Why is it called the Garden of Five Senses?

The Garden of Five Senses evokes the five senses of the human body. The contemporary artworks and rock-carved sculptures invite you to touch. The colours scattered around please the sight. The flowers trigger the sense of smell; the sounds stimulate hearing. And the food court excites the sense of taste. The garden invites you to interact and explore. And the five senses are balanced to soothe you and help you relax while you’re here.


Garden of Five Senses is designed by Pradeep Sachdeva, an architect from Delhi itself. The idea was to build a leisure space where people can interact and socialise. The park was developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, and it took over three years to complete. It was opened in February 2003.


  • Location : The Garden is situated near the Qutub heritage zone.
  • Area : 20.5 acre.

The Garden of Five Senses is divided into several sections. A plaza with low walls separates this beautiful garden from the main road. The entry gateway has stainless steel birds installed on slate-clad pillars. And the walls are built with sandstones by craftsmen from Rajasthan, in Mughal architectural style. These sculptors also carved the huge elephants of stone, which you see as you enter the garden area. A paved, spiral walkway leads you into the garden. And towards the right, you’ll see Khas Bagh. It is inspired from Mughal Gardens and it has lush green lawns dotted with vibrant flowery shrubs. Small waterfalls forming a free-flowing stream of water and many water fountains are also here.

And as you move forward, you’ll come across the food court and shopping plaza. Only a few steps ahead you’ll find various stone silhouettes, and then Neel Bagh. It has a variety of colourful and fragrant flowers and a small pool of water lilies. The Garden of Five Senses also has an open-air amphitheatre to organise shows, cultural events and art workshops.

Nature Walk

The Garden is designed to stimulate one’s sensory responses to the environment. An amalgamation of color and fragrance, texture and form evokes the awareness of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. Most of the works of art are dynamic, making it more interactive to the visitors. About 25 different sculptures and murals have been set up in the Garden making it one of the largest collection of public art in the country. The Garden of Five senses depict the architecture of the first city including the stones used in the constructions of boundary walls and dome shaped office complex. The walk begins with a description of trees which are planted in the outer area of the garden i.e. from the steps which you take, for moving in the garden complex. The details of the trees which fall in this area have been described below with their common name, botanical name and description for the benefit of the common man who can take a walk.

Things to do

  • The garden is perfect for long walks in the evening. It has several sections with a variety of floral arrangements, water fountains and fragrant shrubs.
  • Khas Bagh is a formal garden with lush green lawns. Water cascades down in the channels along the length, lined with vibrant shrubs and trees. And then there is a series of fountains.
  • Over 200 varieties of medicinal plants, herbs, exotic trees, vegetable plants and other plant varieties are found in the garden. Other natural attractions include a Court of Bamboo, a Court of Palm and a Court of Cacti.
  • Garden of Five Senses has various contemporary artworks, sculptures and stonework on display. Stainless-steel birds on the gateway welcome you to this park. Next, you’ll come across the elephants cut out of pink sandstone. You’ll also find a fountain tree structure, a towering windchime structure and many terracotta works in the garden.
  • Five statues, representing five seasons (and five senses), and the figures of praying children are worth seeing too. And the garden also has a replica of the Mayan Labna Arch of Mexico. It’s a magnificent arch built of stones.
  • The Garden of Five Senses is also a preferred spot for cultural events and shows. The gardens, architectural structures and fountains, all serve as a setup for plays and musical events. Apart from the scenic spots, there is a small amphitheatre too. It is an open-air setup, with stepped stone benches for the audience, surrounded by trees and other small plants.
  • Art workshops, Dandiya nights and other community programmes are also arranged in the lawns from time to time. And the garden also hosts food festivals and an annual flower show.
  • The garden hosts an annual flower festival towards the end of winters, around February-March. Various colourful flower designs and structures are present during the show, apart from the regular shrubs. And during this Garden of Five Senses flower show, many stalls, selling plants and seeds, are also there.
  •  Fio is a countryside-themed restaurant and bar, just near the entrance of the garden. It offers an array of Indian and Italian dishes. And it serves as a cosy spot to spend a satisfying dinner with your loved ones. Fio has indoor, as well as outdoor, seating arrangements. And with live music playing, a dinner here would be the perfect end of a hectic day.

Timings and Entry Fee

The opening time of the garden is 9 AM, and it is open throughout the week. The closing time, however, varies depending on the month of your visit. From April to September, Garden of Five Senses closes at 7 PM. But from October until March, it closes by 6 PM.

Garden of Five Senses Delhi entry fee is ₹35 per adult. For children and senior citizens, it is only ₹15. Also, a disabled person can get free entry. If you want to take your camera, you have to pay camera charges too. It’s only ₹60.

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