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Pelling Skywalk – India’s First Glass Skywalk In Sikkim!

Pelling Skywalk – India’s First Glass Skywalk In Sikkim!

If experiencing the adventure of walking on glass skywalks is your travel dream, you need not wait to get an international travel visa to do so. A wonderful desi glass skywalk has been made in Sikkim’s Pelling. The skywalk in Pelling is located opposite the 137 ft tall statue of Chenrezig, amidst the magnificent Himalayas. The Skywalk was inaugurated in November 2018 and since then it has flourished to become one of the famous tourist attractions in India. Excited to know more? Have a read and find out everything about Pelling Skywalk.

  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entry ticket price: INR 50

Location: The stunning Pelling Skywalk is located in Pelling. Pelling is a little town in the Northest state of Sikkim. This picturesque little town is blessed with scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, mesmerizing hills, gushing waterfalls, calm lakes, shopping areas and many more.

Know More Information

  • The best time to visit Pelling Skywalk would be from February to July. The atmosphere is quite favourable during these months to visit this place.
  • It is located adjacent to the gigantic Chenrezig statue which makes it more special. You will be able to see the 137 feet statue of Chenrezig and the long elevated stairs with prayer wheels on both sides.
  • Only domestic tourists and foreign nationals residing in India would be allowed into the state in the first phase.
  • Tourists have been ‘advised’ to carry with them a certificate of COVID-negative test. The test should either be RT-PCR or Truenat test. The certificate must be obtained within 72 hours prior to the arrival in the state.
  • The state has made it compulsory for tourists to obtain a “Travel Card” by registering on the Sikkim Tourism Web Portal before travelling. This card must be on the tourists’ person at all times during their travel in Sikkim.
  • Tourists would have to ensure that their travel in Sikkim is pre-booked with the accommodations complying with health and safety guidelines, as well as travel agents or tour operators.
  • The SOP has advised people over 65 years of age, under 10 years of age and those suffering from comorbidities to avoid travel. If they have to travel, they should limit their movement, the SOPs state.
  • All tourists would be required to carry protective gear, including face masks, shields, gloves, thermometers and sanitisers at their own end.
  • Tourists must also refrain from going into containment zones while traveling.
  • This 2.5 km glass skywalk makes you aware of hundreds of feet of distance that is between you and the ground below. The moment you step on this architectural marvel, you get an adrenaline rush that gets you all hyped up and fills you up with exuberance.
  • This glass skywalk has India’s fourth-tallest statue (137 feet) of Chenrezig whose name means, ‘one Who Looks With An Unwavering Eye’ and is believed to be the earthly incarnation of Lord Buddha.
  • The staircase that leads up to the statue is studded with golden prayer wheels on both sides. People visit this place for its belief and to say their prayers amidst the crisp and holy mountain air that takes away all their worries and immerses them in peace and contentment!

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