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Morni: Village in Haryana – Traveology

Morni: Village in Haryana – Traveology

Morni is a village and tourist attraction in the Morni Hills at the height of 1,267 metres in the Panchkula district of the Indian state of Haryana. It is located around 45 kilometres from Chandigarh, 35 kilometres from Panchkula city and is known for its Himalayan views, flora, and lakes.

Situated at a mere distance of 45 kilometres from Chandigarh, the entire route from the city to these quaint hills makes for a beautiful journey. Forests and mighty pine trees line the way up to the foothills of the Shivaliks before you finally alight at Morni Hills. There are two lakes here as well which are interconnected despite the existence of a hillock in between, such that the water level in both of them remains the same. The lake is believed to be auspicious by the locals and is a focal point during many celebrations. The remains of the Morni fort are present quite close to the hills as well. In addition to the landscape, a wide variety of flora and fauna is also present here, which makes it a delight for every nature lover. A hidden haven of nature, Morni Hills is a must-visit for anyone looking for a quick weekend getaway from Chandigarh.

Mountain Quail Tourist Resort, maintained by the Haryana Tourism, is a great place to stopover for your weekly sojourn. Other than that, you can also stay at Hotel Dreamway, Royal Huts Resort, Morni Resorts, Morni Heights Resort, Redwood Resorts and Hotel North Park. All of these places offer a decent and comfortable stay and are well-equipped to fulfil all your needs.

Morni Hills is situated at about 45 kilometres from Chandigarh city. The best way to reach Morni Hills is by road which takes around an hour. You can hire a taxi or take your own car to visit the place. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus from Chandigarh Railway Station. You can also cover Panchkula which falls on the way between Chandigarh and Morni Hills.

Places to Visit in Morni Hills

  • Tikkar Taal: Situated at a distance of 7 km from the beautiful Morni Hills, Tikkar Taal is a place which boasts of its two manmade lakes. A hillock divides these two interconnected artificial lakes, Chota Taal and Bara Taal. Lying amidst the hills, Tikkar Taal presents a resplendent view of the hills. There are not much accommodations present in Tikkar Taal due to its lack of popularity, but it doesn’t scare away the lovers of nature. You can get cheap rooms here. This place is apt for people who are on a budget travel.  Tikkar Taal is untouched by commercialisation, and is an ideal place to be.
  • Gurudwara Nada Sahib: Located at a minuscule distance of 17 km, Gurudwara Nada Sahib holds a significant meaning for the Sikhs. The legends state that when Guru Gobind Singh were going to Anandpur Sahib, he rested here. It is a pious place, and it’s sacred environment makes it one of the most visited Gurudwaras of India. Ghaggar-Hakra river flows beside this Gurudwara, and the sound of the river splashing against the rocks is nothing less than a meditative retreat. Nestled in the laps of Shivalik hills, Gurudwara Nada Sahib will engulf you into a chaste aura, and the serene ambiance of the hills will take you closer to the supreme being.
  • Adventure park: To boost the tourism in Morni Hills, the Government of Harayana has also established an adventure park here.  It offers a vast array of options to all the adrenaline junkies. Zipline, Burma bridge and climbing nets are present here. This adventure park is apt for people who want to experience adventure while staying in the safe zone. In fact, small swings are available for kids, and a small cafeteria has been set up for satisfying your hunger. The entry fees is affordable, and you can have a good time here.
  • Morni fort: Morni Hills can appeal to history lovers as well.  A gigantic fort is sprawled at the top of the Morni hills which gives a wide view of the Morni town.  It is believed that the Morni fort was constructed in 17th century. The fort has been restored for the tourists, but it has not lost its ancient essence. Lots of greenery is spread across Morni fort, and the faint scene of the trees and flowers add peacefulness to the ambiance. A colourful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is adjacent to the fort and stands out amidst the gloomy surroundings presented by the fort.
  • Thakurdwara Temple: Morni Hills can be a perfect getaway for all the religious people, as it’s an abode to a beautiful temple called Thakurdwara Temple. The sacredness of the temple engulfs the misty hill station, and turns the place chaste. It attracts ample of devotees on a regular basis. Ancient stone sculptures are present here, and it’s believed that this temple dates back to the time of Pandavas.

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