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Countries that Pay You to Visit

Countries that Pay You to Visit

Italy did take a big hit during the COVID pandemic. However, their spirit is commendable as not only have they managed to bring down the number of cases but have also opened travel gates for international tourists. There are some restrictions to the countries from where tourists can travel, but they are more than welcome to relish Italy’s finest destinations! One of the main reasons why Sicily has opened its gates for tourists is because Italy heavily thrives on tourism to support its economy. As a beach destination of the country, Sicily is ready to reimburse a 50 per cent of the tourist’s airfare. In fact, a free night of accommodation is also up for grabs! Moreover, tourists can visit some of the museums and tourist destinations without the need for purchasing tickets. More details on this can be availed on the island’s official website.

2. Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. Thailand is a country that is evolving to be one of the best in the world, and they are encouraging more people to shift with them. They want their business and culture to thrive. For some time, they have been welcoming people from the USA and Canada. Right now they are calling everyone who are ready to stay in the tropical paradise. The cost of living is quite low, and on top of that, the country provides all the modern amenities. Along with that, they have an excellent healthcare system which is cheap and reliable. It is also a great place for children.

3. Bulgaria

Lounging by the beaches of Bulgaria with the Black Sea at disposal does seem like a good way to spend a vacation plan post the COVID pandemic, right? It’s a perfect setting and what makes it even more alluring is how some of the beachy perks can be availed free of cost. The country has offered to open up some of its pay-to-enter beaches for free. Tourists can now check out the otherwise private beaches for free! Not just that, beaches are further offering free sunbeds, sun loungers and even beach tables to make it a cheaper tourist deal. A sun lounger is actually quite expensive and a requirement at the beach. However, with such a cool deal, they do plan to attract more tourists, especially from colder regions, to come over and revive the country’s tourism.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam is a part of South-East Asia. This country is also going through constant changes to compete with other developed countries. Their economy is doing well, and they want more people to join them. Living in Vietnam is quite cheap compared to the price that you pay in most countries. They are also encouraging more people to join them to teach English, and you can join the program by getting a work visa. The healthcare system is excellent right now, as they have a lot of expats. Moving to Vietnam also provides you with the opportunity to travel to a beautiful country.

5. Cyprus


Cyprus’s government has proposed an intriguing deal to boost tourism and allow COVID-affected and non-COVID-affected countries to visit. The country has declared that if the virus infects any tourists visiting their country, the government will pay for their lodging, food, medication, and everything else. While tourists are required to fill out a COVID-19 Traveller Declaration before entering the country. Visitors would also be required to present a testing certificate, as well as wear a mask at all times.

6. Antikythera

Antikythera is a Greek island that is looking to increase its population, which currently stands at just 20 people. The location of the island is great. They have mainly called out to Greek citizens to move to the island, but they are welcoming people from all around the world. A person who moves to the island will be paid EUR 500 monthly for the first three years, and they will also be provided with land or housing. The weather of the place is excellent, and Greece is trying to make the transportation system better to welcome more people.

7. Baltimore

Baltimore is another city in the USA that you will hear about if you want to move to the country. It is generally hard to get in the country, but some of these cities make it easier for everyone. Baltimore has different schemes which will help you to obtain a loan for having a house in the town. Finding a job won’t be a hard task if you have a work visa. Baltimore is also home to the John Hopkins Hospital. Currently, the two housing schemes include Buying into Baltimore and Vacants to Value.

8. Japan

Since a massive hit to Japan’s tourism industry, the country has decided to work on it by injecting about $12.5 billion by subsidizing travel expenses. They have essentially devised a program that covers a variety of travel expenses and provides discounts and vouchers to encourage tourism. Travelers who make their reservations through Japanese travel agencies or directly contact hotels and ryokan inns are considered eligible for these subsidiaries. Japan has implemented some health and safety protocols in order to make it a safe place to visit once the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained. You could take advantage of this time by quickly planning a nice itinerary once international tourism gates open around the world!

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