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Caño Cristales – River of Five Colors

Caño Cristales – River of Five Colors

One of the wonders of this fragile and finicky ecosystem is that with each new season the river appears different than it did the year before. Like autumn leaves on a tree, the macarenia clavigera’s growth and colour is determined by the year’s rainfall, temperature and sunlight. So, while one year a stretch of the river may be carpeted in crimson, the next it could appear bright green or yellow.

When to go 

The river becomes colorful from July through November. It is only during these months of the year that river turns shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. During this time, the temperature and water level is just right for the macarenia clavigera – the plant that determines the color of the river. In fact, the macarenia clavijera plant thrives during the rainy season and dies in the dry season. Therefore, for the most optimal viewing of Caño Cristales, visit during the rainy season from June to November!

How to go

That is quite a challenging task. First get to Villavicencio from Bogota by plane or bus. From Villavicencio catch a plane to La Macarena. From here you can hire a guide, that would lead you to the river. Most visitors start from Villavicencio, a 430,000-person city at the crossroads of the Andes mountains and Llanos plains that’s known for its rugged cowboy culture. Despite only being 210km away from Caño Cristales as the crow flies, it’s a bumpy 26-hour drive through waterlogged roads, so most travellers hop aboard a single-engine propeller plane and fly an hour over an endless sea of green on daily flights.

Can you swim

The answer is yes! The river has little to no fish or other water creatures, so travelers can float or swim in the natural swimming pools and waterfalls, practically undisturbed. However, take long sleeves, a pant, and a hat. It’s forbidden to apply sunscreen on your skin if you enter the park – to protect the aquatic plants. So you’ll want to make sure you have some articles that can protect your skin from the sunshine! Also, note that the Centro Ambiente (Environment Center) is closed on Tuesdays.


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